Computer Neck and Shoulder Tension Relieved

Sally is a magician of healing & therapy.  She intuits just what is needed, puts people at ease and creates a really soothing atmosphere to offer her wonderful therapies.  She has helped me with my neck, shoulder & eye problems that are common hazards of spending too many hours at a computer.      Justina Hart, Writer

Headache which had lasted for a couple of days and not responsed to pain killers 'disappeared'

Thank you so very much for treating me with Reiki.  If I'm honest I was a little sceptical but after only half an hour of walking out I felt amazing.  Now, days later I still have no headache and feel so very positive.  Its such a great feeling to wake up in the morning without pain.   Thank you for your patience and you certainly gave me some things to think about.  Kate   

After a Reflexology Treatment - 'I have felt better today than I have in a very long time'     Charlotte                                     

Menopause Support

I have to say how grateful I am to Sally for the help and support she has given to me with my menopausal symptoms. After just one treatment I felt so much better that I made the monumental decision to give up HRT. 

If you are suffering with unpleasant menopausal symptoms I would highly recommend a course of treatment with Sally. You can only feel better and you will not feel any worse so give it a go. I am glad I did.       Ann W

Cancer Support

By overcoming cancer and through my sessions with Sally I have examined closely many issues that were affecting my physical and emotional well-being and intend to continue regular treatments at as a part of my ongoing recovery. I do believe that anyone affected by cancer either as a patient them self or a carer or loved one of someone battling this disease will truly benefit from the services Sally offers. They will find comfort and peace in the beautiful rural environment and time to relax and reflect away from the stress of the situation they are coping with on a daily basis. I always leave Sally with a sense of renewed energy, my spirits lifted and that my soul has been nurtured.         Yvonne

I’ve  been coming for Holistic Health treatments myself for a while now & recently  introduced my sister.  After a couple of sessions with Sally  I noticed a weight/burden seems to have been lifted from her. At one point it seemed as if she was drowning in her worries and not able to deal with them or know where to start. She is calmer now and sees things more clearly and rationally.  Her relationships with those very close to her have changed, becoming more positive and she is generally happier.   

Thank you Sally - I just wanted to share my opinion as a compliment to your work.  You are incredibly talented and giving.  We feel very lucky to have found  you.     Louise   


Flower Remedies for Dog with Excema

Thank you for Griff's pills.   They seem to have made a great difference to him without resorting to steroids.     Clare


Tinnutus helped

Andy works in a busy office full of electronic equipment.    He was feeling tired, dizzy and suffering from tinnitus.   He used an environmental spray to help clear Electromagnetic energy and noticed that the tinnitus gradually disappeared.


Sleep Issues and Knee Problem  Resolved

Having been a fan of Reflexology for some time I was initially sceptical about the benefits of Energy Alignment and Reiki, but I have found that the combination works really well for me, both in addressing specific problems and for maintaining a health balance.    I always sleep better after a treatment.   Recently I had a knee problem which made going upstairs painful.  Immediately afterwards, the pain in my knee had disappeared.       Ann 


Vision Board Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the vision board workshop.  The way that you prepared us for producing our boards first helped me to acknowledge what it was that I personally wanted out of life and helped me to accept that even though these wants may include thoroughly selfish things, that actually it was OK.  That was important for me, who has always put family and business first, to acknowledge what it was that I wanted.  I now look at it with pleasure and excitement and look forward to it manifesting in the near future.          Ann 


Manifest Your Dream Life Workshop

I attended Sally's 'Manifest Your Dream Life' workshop and had a truly excellent day.   Working as a coach I understand how important it is to take time out to focus on yourself and what you want - this provided an excellent opportunity to do just that.  I had collated some pictures that felt relevant to my future and the great outcome was I received a call that day that secured the picture of my dream home - and we moved in a few months afterwards.   Sally's Retreat is relaxing, comfortable and very welcoming; a great day was had by the whole group.   Thanks Sally!